Soal TES CPNS Bahasa Inggris

Berkas Sekolah - CPNS Tahun 2019 sekarang ini masih dalam proses Registrasi dan sudah banyak pula yang mengakhiri UPLOAD data untuk mengikuti Penerimaan Calon Pegawai Negeri Sipil baik intansi Pemerintah Pusat ataupun Pemerintah Kabupaten/Kota.

Di sebagian Intansi Pemerintah Pusat atau Pemerintah Kabupaten/Kota, ada beberapa yang mengharuskan Peserta CPNS mampu menguasai Bahasa Inggris. Hal ini mungkin menyesuaikan Jabatan/ Formasi yang nanti membutuhkan cakap berbahasa INggris.

Untuk itu kami mencoba membagikan salah satu soal CPNS dengan materi bahasa Inggris berikut dengan kunci jawabannya. Silahkan disimak.!!

Soal TES CPNS Bahasa Inggris

Soal TES CPNS Bahasa Inggris (TOEFL)

1. Here .... the pencil that I borrowed yesterday.
A. is
B. are
C. was
D. were
E. will

2. There are the .... that you looked after.
A. book
B. books
C. pencil
D. pen
E. pencil case

3. She can .... to the salon.
A. go
B. goes
C. went
D. works
E. leaves

4. He .... sick last week.
A. is
B. are
C. was
D. were
E. will

5. The teacher told the students why .... it.
A. did they do
B. did they
C. they did
D. they do
E. did

6. .... she go to the school?
A. Do
B. Does
C. Did
D. Go
E. Goes

7. The woman is talking to her mother. The woman has a new car.
Combine the sentences above!
A. The woman who has a new car is talking to your mother.
B. The woman that is talking to your mother has a new car.
C. Your mother who is talking the woman has a new car.
D. The woman is talking to your mother has a new car.
E. The woman who is talking to your mother has a new car.

8. Diva is beautiful. Dina is beautiful.
A. Diva is as beautiful as Dina.
B. Diva is more beautiful than Dina.
C. Dina is more beautiful than Diva.
D. Diva is the most beautiful.
E. Dina is the most beautiful.

9. His work was better than ....
A. she
B. he
C. I
 D. you
E. hers

10. Each of the students in the room .... to get more explanation from their teacher.
A. need
B. needs
C. want
D. ask
E. try

11. He needs help from a .... in the trial.
A. bricklayer
B. plumber
C. butcher
D. lawyer
E. electrician

12. Ray goes to the .... to buy the office equipment.
A. market
B. grocery
C. stationary
D. counter
E. mall

13. I suggest you .... an omelet. It is easy and delicious.
A. make
B. making
C. to make
 D. to be make
E. to making

14. Albert has to get at least B .... in this semester.
A. stay
B. staying
C. to stay
D. stayed
E. to have stayed

15. The girl, ...., is my best friend.
A. who wears glasses
B. who wears glasses
C. whose wearing glasses
D. that wearing glasses
E. which wearing glasses

16. You have to speak clearly. Otherwise, your words...
A. will be understood
B. will not be understood
C. understood
D. is understood
E. will be understood

17. You have to study .... to pass the examination.
A. hard
B. hardly
C. rare
D. rarely
E. slow

18. Sorry, I didn’t come to your birthday party .... my mother was sick.
A. and
B. or
C. so
D. because
E. but
19. Don’t be late!

The expression above expresses...
A. remembering
B. giving permission
C. saying goodbye
D. reminding
E. warning

20. I don’t have .... money to go to the movie.
A. so
B. such
C. too
D. enough
E. more

21. Anita needs .... sugar.
A. so
B. little E. each
C. few
D. all

22. They have been living here. They came ten years ago. Two sentences above can be combined into...
A. They have been living here when they came ten years ago.
B. They have been living here while they came ten years ago.
C. They have been living here since they came ten years ago.
D. They have been living here within they came ten years ago.
E. They have been living here since they came ten years ago.

23. Jane: I’m sorry Ron, I didn’t come yesterday. My brother got an accident.
Ron:... Is he alright?
Jane: Yes, thank you.
A. No, thanks.
B. Thank you.
C. Oh, no!
D. Good.
E. I’m sorry to hear that.

24. The supporters were grumbling when the match was .... for an hour.
A. put off
B. show off
C. called off
D. switch off
E. taken off

25. They flew .... a country.
A. along
B. over
C. to
D. throughout
E. through

26. Sarah and Sisca .... the students in the
Oxford University.
A. were
B. are
C. is
D. was
E. will

27. Edward will study abroad after he .... the examination.
A. will pass
B. passed
C. pass
D. passes
E. have pass

28. Please tell .... to submit the assignment.
A. other
B. others
C. the other
D. the others
E. another

29. Somebody rang the bell while I .... home alone.
A. was staying
B. stayed
C. had stayed
D. had been staying
E. were stay

30. My mother requested me .... TV after midnight.
A. could not watch
B. cannot watch
C. did not watch
D. would not watch
E. not watch

31. My friend asked me, “Who is sitting on your chair?”
My friend asked me ....
A. who was sitting on my chair.
B. who sitting on your chair is.
C. who sitting on my chair is.
D. who is sitting on your chair.
E. who is sitting on your chair?

32. The test was difficult, ....?
A. was it?
B. wasn’t it?
C. were it?
D. weren’t it?
 E. is it?

33. Tourists like to visit interesting places, ....?
A. don’t they?
B. didn’t they?
C. doesn’t they?
D. don’t it?
E. doesn’t it?

34. I would tell my father if he .... at home now.
A. be
B. was
C. were
D. is
E. are

35. Neither my sister or my friends .... Bali.
A. were visiting.
B. have ever visited.
C. will be visiting.
D. has been visiting.
E. visits.

36. Bella .... her sister since she married three years ago.
A. didn’t see
B. doesn’t see
C. hadn’t seen
D. hasn’t seen
E. haven’t seen

37. Jacob : I can go to states any time.
Pearl : No. Are you kidding?
The second speaker uses that expression to show that it is ....
A. agreement
B. disagreement
C. congratulation
D. difficult for her to believe
E. something to do

38. .... room in that hotel has its own function.
A. All
B. Each
C. Both
D. Some
E. One

39. If you don’t work, you ....
A. will get some money
B. don’t get any money
C. won’t get any money
D. have some money
E. will have any money

40. Traveling by bus needs .... money than by plane.
A. more
B. much
C. enough
D. less
E. a lot of

41. My friend has .... to show me.
A. something
B. nothing
C. anything
D. everything
E. anyone

42. No one .... to train me to sing.
A. tell
B. make
C. show
D. want
E. wants

43. I heard some people .... the famous song.
A. are singing
B. were singing
C. sang
D. singing
E. be sing

44. I prefer to .... to the music to .... TV.
A. is listening; is watching
B. listening; watching
C. listened; watched
D. to listen; to watch
E. do listening; do watching

45. They bought a car. The car cost ten million dollar. Combine the sentences above!
A. They bought a car which cost ten million dollar.
B. They bought a car who cost ten million dollar.
C. They bought a car whom cost ten million dollar.
D. They bought a car whose cost ten million dollar.
E. They bought a car it cost ten million dollar.

46. Mary wasn’t late. I wasn’t late. Combine the sentences above!
A. Mary wasn’t late, and I was either.
B. Mary wasn’t late, and I was neither.
C. Mary wasn’t late, and I wasn’t either.
D. Mary wasn’t late, and either was I.
E. Mary wasn’t late, and was I not.

47. I drove .... Paris .... Rome.
A. of – to
B. at – in
C. by – at
D. on – into
E. from – to

48. She is used to .... daily.
A. cook
B. cooks
C. cooked
D. cooking
E. to be cook

49. I didn’t buy that T-shirt because I ....
A. has already bought
B. was already bought
C. was already buying
D. had already bought
E. had already been bought

50. You have to submit your assignment today .... shame to submit late.
A. It is
B. Being
C. It was
D. It has been
E. To be

51. We have been .... for you since seven o’clock.
A. wait
B. waits
C. waited
D. waiting
E. to wait

52. The apples are sweet. He bought them two days ago. Combine the sentences above!
A. The apples which he bought two days ago are sweet.
B. The apples who he bought two days ago are sweet.
C. The apples that he bought two days ago are sweet.
D. The apples are sweet when he bought two days ago.
E. He bought the apples two days ago are sweet.

53. My mother is cooking a turkey for dinner. Change into passive form!
A. A turkey is being cooked by my mother for dinner.
B. A turkey has been cooked by my mother for dinner.
C. A turkey is cooked by my mother for dinner.
D. A turkey was cooked by my mother for dinner.
E. A turkey was being cooked by my mother for dinner.

54. She .... me at the library next Monday.
A. will meeting
B. meets
C. meet
D. does meet
E. will meet

55. It’s a very long day for me. I didn’t get home from school .... five o’clock.
A. at
B. to
C. until
D. since
E. towards

56. A lot .... to the house before we can move in.
A. needs to be doing
B. needs to be done
C. needs to do
D. needs doing
E. needs be done

57. Joko : Have you got their invitation card?
Bram : No, not yet.
Joko : If they don’t invite you to the
party, you .... come.
A. aren’t
B. shouldn’t
C. couldn’t
D. won’t
E. don’t

58. Siti : Put some salt in the soup, Suci?
Suci : But there is not .... salt in the jar.
A. a little
B. too much
C. any
D. much
E. some

59. To reach our ...., travelling by air is faster than by road.
A. situation
B. destination
C. condition
D. chance
E. activity

60. What is the synonym of the word “famous”?
A. good-known
B. better-known
C. big-known
D. trust-known
E. well-known

Kunci Jawaban Soal TES CPNS Bahasa Inggris

1. Kata here dan subject pencil menyebabkan kata kerjanya menggunakan is Jawaban: A
2. Kata there dan kata kerja are menyebabkan subject berbentuk jamak. Jawaban: B
3. Kata kerja sesudah modal (helping verb) harus berbentuk kata infinitive. Jawaban: A
4. Kata kerja bentuk lampau (past tense) adalah was atau were. Jawaban: C (was)
5. Kata why d i g u n a k a n u n t u k menghubungkan dua clauses sehingga dibutuhkan subject dan kata kerja (verb) sesudahnya. Jawaban: C
6. Untuk membentuk kalimat tanya biasanya digunakan kata kerja bantu (helping verb) do. Namun dalam soal tersebut subyeknya she sehingga kata kerja bantu yang digunakan adalah does. Jawaban: B
7. Kata sifat (adjective) yang digunakan untuk menerangkan orang, dalam soal tersebut adalah the mowan, adalah who. Jawaban: E
8. Perbandingan (comparasion) untuk kata sifat (adjective) yang sama menggunakan as .... as. Jawaban: A

8. Dan seterusnya,

Bagi anda yang ingin mencoba dan berlatih soal-soal TEST CPNS terutama Bahasa Inggris bisa mendapatkan semua file yang dibagikan hari ini secara Gratis dengan cara klik link dibawah ini :

Itulah kiranya berbagi Soal CPNS berikut dengan Kunci Jawabannya pada kesempatan kali ini, semoga bermanfaat.

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